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BrightBridge Private Primary School in Boksburg 

IEB School: Grade 1 - Grade 7

Our private primary school in Boksburg, Sunward Park provides international accredited private education (IEB) through enquiry-based learning. We prepare our Grade 1 - Grade 7 scholars to be next generation leaders and innovators. Our child-centered IEB school offers world-class education with an emphasis on 21st century skills. 


Private Primary School in Sunward Park with an enquiry-based learning model. 

With this approach to learning, our grade 1 - grade 7 scholars gain a deeper understanding of concepts and are prepared to take on leadership responsibilities. Future generations will live in a world that looks, works, and develops differently than today's world. Our goal at our IEB private primary school in Sunward Park, Boksburg is to prepare scholars to shape and lead the future, not simply work in it.

At our private primary school in Boksburg we empower Grade 1 - Grade 7 scholars to succeed on both an academic and a personal level.

  • Our private primary school in Boksburg's approach is a child-centered, enquiry-based learning model.

  • We believe that when scholars are having fun, they are more engaged and motivated to learn.

  • We prepare our scholars for IEB examination.

  • We enhance and enrich the CAPS curriculum, and go beyond the prescribed textbooks.

  • We find innovative ways to teach private education.

  • We offer a variety of subjects at our primary school in Boksburg.

Achieve Academic Excellence with our Unique Enquiry Based IEB School

We develop well-rounded, individuals who can handle the challenges of the modern world

Grade 1- Grande 7 private-primary-school-sunward-park

So what exactly is the advantages of IEB schools?

While many parents think that the IEB (independent examinations board) is a curriculum, it is actually an exam for which learners are uniquely prepared. The questioning method posed in the IEB exam requires learners to apply the learned material in a manner that requires a more intense and high standard teaching method. Rest assured our private primary school in Sunward Park, ticks all the boxes.


Why our Private Primary School in Sunward Park's System is Unique:

  • In a supportive environment, we empower scholars to explore their abilities to the fullest extent possible.

  • We provide world class education and follow the IEB (independent examinations board) syllabus.

  • Our teaching methods help scholars learn phonics and grammar in a creative and engaging way.

  • By means of the LetterLand characters Learning to read is fun and exciting.

  • We present fun, visuals and hands-on activities to help scholars understand numbers and concepts.

  • We learn through an enquiry and project-based approach.


Where Learning Meets Fun:
Discover the Difference at our
Private Primary School in Boksburg


Why we use enquiry-based learning to deliver the IEB Syllubus

  • Develops critical thinking and problem-solving skills in scholars, as they are encouraged to explore and experiment, and come to their own conclusions. 

  • Gives scholars the ability to learn through experience, allowing them to make meaningful connections between what they learn and the real world.

  • Our private primary school  scholars are able to see how different concepts work in practice, which helps them to remember what they have learnt more effectively.

  • Scholars are able to engage in collaborative work, learning to share ideas with their peers.

  • Scholars become more confident in their abilities, as they see the impact of their own work and feel a sense of accomplishment.


Explore our IEB School Subjects 


Grade 1 - 3 IEB Subjects

  • English - First Language

  • Afrikaans - Second Additional Language

  • Mathematics

  • Personal Power

  • Science (foundation phase)

Grade 4 - 7 IEB Subjects

  • English - First Language

  • Afrikaans - Second Additional Language

  • Mathematics

  • Personal Power

  • Integrated Science 

  • Geography

  • History

primary school subjects

At our private primary school in Boksburg,strive to develop well-rounded individuals who excel in all aspects of life

At our private primary school in Boksburg, Sunward Park, private education is not just about academics; our school system aims to develop well-rounded individuals who can handle any situation. 

In addition to a diverse and high standard internationally accredited curriculum (IEB), we develop life skills that help our primary school scholars succeed not only academically, but also in the real world.

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