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Sunward Park Private School That Instills a
Love for Learning

Private Education with a Difference

Our Sunward Park Private School has a totally authentic approach to private education. Let's talk about our international accredited IEB and the Reggio Emilia inspired academy Yes, there are a lot of teaching styles out there and it can feel overwhelming when you don't know which one to choose for your child. With our unique integrated approach even the youngest scholars benefit. 


Discover a joyful learning experience at our Sunward Park private school 

Explore the Main Features of the Reggio Emilia Approach

What we believe is important in education:

Cultivating a Lifelong Passion for Learning at BrightBridge Private School in Sunward Park

We offer an unique individualized educational opportunity at our BrightBridge private school in Sunward Park for elementary scholars. Aligned with the national Curriculum Assessment Policy Statements (“CAPS”) with enhancement and enrichment of the Independent Examination Board (“IEB”) syllabuses


We focus on the felt experience of reality, rather than a scientific analysis. We allow scholars to reflect without pretense or judgement enabling self-discovery. 


We encourage scholars to search for meaning by means of understanding and interpretation. To take their place in the community as co-creators in the search for essence as individuals. 

Creative Thinking

We teach scholars to be critical thinkers, to develop a questioning attitude, to acquire knowledge through reason and to master rational thought and discernment. 

Holistic Approach

We recognize that individuals are complex beings with multiple dimensions, and learning should encompass all aspects of their development. 


Reggio Emilia 
A little
bit of


So what exactly is a Reggio Emilia-inspired school? A little bit of history should help you better understand the approach. Developed in Reggio Emilia, Italy by parents and a psychologist named Loris Malaguzzi after World War II. The founders felt children would benefit from a new, progressive way of learning, so they created an environment where children can communicate their ideas in a variety of ways. This unique approach has grown over many decades and now recognized as one of the best educational programs worldwide.

5 - 6 years
Early Childhood Program


For our early learning our private school in Sunward Park, we use and international accredited curriculum and deliver it through the Reggio Emilia approach.

Several decades of research show that high-quality, early childhood development produce short and long-term positive effects on children’s cognitive and social development. During the early years, how children learn and develop mentally, emotionally and socially is critical. 


7 - 13 years
The Educational Hub


For our primary school we use the IEB syllabus and deliver it through an unique child-centered approach.

Our Sunward Park private primary school learning prepares scholars to shape and lead the future, not just work within it. We provide ample opportunity for each scholar to craft and hone their individual leadership style. Our lessons encourage confidence and communication and empower scholars to discover their potential.

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