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Private Pre-Primary School in Boksburg, Reggio Emilia Inspired 

Early Learning School : Grade R Private Preschool

Our early learning (Grade-R) private pre-primary school in Boksburg, Sunward Park, offers an internationally accredited curriculum based on the Reggio Emilia method. At our early childhood development school we learn though play. Young children discover the joys of learning through play and develop their natural curiosity. 


Our Pre-Primary School in Boksburg based on:

Early Childhood Development

  • Early childhoo development research suggests that young children learn primarily through play, they explore and interact with their physical environment.

  • Engaging them in learning activities based on their interests, strengths, and learning styles is essential.

  • Grade-R learners can suffer negative effects from being exposed to abstract academic work too early.

Private Education that Focus on a Early-Childhood Development

  • Based on the latest research in neuroscience, child psychology, early childhood education and learning.

  • Adaptable and interest-based learning approaches.

  • Music, literacy, and creative expression. 

  • Decision-making and confidence-building. 

  • Learning how to recognize letters and sounds through joyful reading experiences and interactive visuals.

  • Our Grade R pre-school in Boksburg, Sunward Park emphasizes building values, emotional regulation, resilience, and effective social skills. 

  • We offer international accredited private education delivered through Reggio Emilia.

With Reggio Emilia We Learn Through Play At Our Pre-Primary School in Boksburg

Cultivating a lifelong love for learning through an engaging pre-school curriculum

We teach an international

  • We use the Reggio Emilia philosophy to teach our pre-primary scholars.

  • We foster continuous learning through an emergent curriculum in a fun and nurturing environment.

  • We tailor our early learning school to the individual needs, interests, and strengths of each scholars.

  • A dynamic and responsive learning experience that promotes holistic development. 

We focus on school readiness

  • Our curriculum aligns with early child hood education objectives and includes appropriate content, including school readiness skills such as letter and number concepts.

  • Our approach is balanced, we consider both the unique interests and developmental needs of each scholar, while preparing them for future academic success.

We follow early childhood education standards

  •  Aside from ensuring that Grade-R children meet their stated developmental expectations, we go above and beyond.

  • Our Grade R private preschool in Boksburg address all areas of development— social, emotional, intellectual, and physical.


Understanding Our Reggio Inspired Preschool School in Boksburg's Curriculum 

A International Accredited, Reggio Emiilia Inspired Preschool 

We design our Reggio Emilia activities and projects based on the individual skills, needs, and interests of each Gr R learner. Our early learning school in emphasizes the importance of observing and understanding each scholar's developmental level and tailor the curriculum accordingly


pre-primary learning

Our Unique Pre-Primary in Sunward Parks's Approach

  • We address all areas of a child's development— social, emotional, intellectual, and physical.

  • A balance of individual, small-group, spontaneous play and educator-guided activities.

  • We balance rest, quiet periods and outdoor activities.

  • Our Reggio inspired Cambridge play school encourages self-expression.

  • We help our Gr R Learners develop a variety of motor skills.

  • Scholars get regular exposure to literature, art, music, math, science and nature.

  • Reggio Emilia caters to the natural interests of children in reading, writing, and counting.

  • We monitor scholars interest in the world around them.


With Reggio Emilia we encourage imagination, creativity, kindness, and friendships in setting where children can feel free to be themselves

school readiness

Our Reggio Emilia Early Childhood School Focus on School Readiness through Incorporating These Areas of Learning.


Art and Creative Expressions

Social and Emotional Learning

Language and Communucation


Me and My world

Health and Safety


How is writing developed in Reggio Emilia?

  • Writing legibly requires well-developed fine motor skills.

  • We improve the ability to control small precise movements.

  • We trace shapes and patterns, joining the dots, drawing and colouring.

  • We work with play dough, drawing on a blackboard, using tweezers, sliding beads on a string or writing in the sand. 

How are letters introduced in Reggio Emilia?

  • Scholars learn print awareness, letter-sound associations, and word fluency through established sight words.

  • Scholars learn how to spell words by focusing on vocabulary development, spelling conventions, and patterns.

  • We introduce letters through rhymes, books and LetterLand.

How is counting introduced in Reggio Emilia?

  • We use real-world objects and  techniques to teach counting.

  • We give visual sheets where the children count concrete objects and match them to the right number.

  • We ask scholars to arrange objects in the order of their sizes.

How Do We Ensure Learning Excellence
At Our Private Pre-Primary School in Boksburg

  • We ensure scholars feel safe and calm at our play school, so they can interact, engage, and learn.

  • We prepare scholar's minds for learning, build confidence, emotional regulation, values, good communication, and social skills.

  • We develop number sense and lay a solid conceptual foundation for mathematical reasoning.

  • As we teach phonics explicitly and systematically, we develop early reading skills.

  • Using stories, rhymes, and discussions, we develop listening, comprehension, speaking & vocabulary.

  • Experiential learning and activity-based instruction, cultivates a love of exploration and learning.

  • We teach scholars to think critically, creatively, logically, and scientifically through a theme-based contextual learning approach.

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