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BrightBridge Academy
Independent Private School in Boksburg

Innovative Private Education

Welcome to our unique private school in Boksburg, Sunward Park: Grade R - Grade 7. Our elementary school follows and international accredited, holistic education that set us apart. We provide a stimulating and nurturing environment for elementary scholars to thrive. Discover the magic of alternative learning in small classes that foster children's natural curiosity. Let's embark on a journey of exploration, discovery, and growth


A New Model Private School in Boksburg

About Our Child-Centered Private Elementary School 

  • International accredited private education delivered through a alternative, holistic and enquiry-based approached.

  • We recognize and unlock each child's unique abilities and talents.

  • An environment where scholar's feel safe, inspired and nurtured.

  • Our alternative learning elementary school helps children build a foundation for personal success by fostering a love for learning.

Pre-Primary Gr R

Our pre-primary school follows an international accredited curriculum, delivered though the Reggio Emilia method.

Primary Gr 1 - 7

For our primary school, we follow the IEB syllabus and deliver it in a special, authentic way.

Top Class Education

A new model education approach. CAPS with the enhancement Cambridge and IEB.


We believe in a well-rounded education that's why we include important extra murals.


How We Learn At Our Unique Private School 

An International Accredited Curriculum Delivered
Through An Alternative Method 

For our pre-primary scholars, our academy follow an international accredited curriculum and deliver it through the Reggio Emilia approach. For our primary scholars, we follow the IEB syllabus, and deliver it through unique, enquiry-based method. Our private school in Boksburg provides a magical learning experience that goes beyond traditional education methods. Discover why our private school in Boksburg is unique.

BrightBridge learn more

Parents as Partners

Be a part of the

We are not a not a "drop-and-go private elementary school". Parents you are partners and collaborators, not passive observers, you are the "chief bridge-builders" to foster values and  positive relationships.



We have awesome classrooms

Our classrooms at our academy in Sunward Park are thoughtfully designed with natural light, open spaces, and stimulating materials that encourage exploration and creativity


Why Reggio Emilia?

  • Child-centered learning

  • Holistic education approach

  • Experiential learning 

  • Individual development

  • Project-based learning

  • Instills a love for learning

  • Parents participate in the journey

  • Aids social-emotional development  

  • Elevates creativity and expression

  • Critical thinking & problem-solving 

  • Creates awareness of the world

  • Deep understanding of concepts 


A Well-Rounded Private School in Boksburg For Tomorrows World

At BrightBridge Academy Private School in Boksburg, we go beyond traditional education. Our integrative experiential learning approach nurtures well-rounded individuals, fostering character development and moral foundations. We nurture the leaders of tomorrow. Hands-on learning opportunities that foster critical thinking, creativity, and problem-solving skills. Well-rounded private education that prepares scholar's for success in a rapidly changing world.

Unlock Your Child's Full Potential
Here's How our Academy Stands Out

BrightBridge unique features

We believe in small classes

We believe in small classes. In small groups our educators work closely with each scholar and tailor the learning experience to meet their unique needs. 

Our pre-primary learns through play

We love alternative learning. At our Grade R private school in Sunward Park play is not seen as separate from learning, but as an integral part of it

We include extra murals activities

We provide a well-rounded education that supports elementary scholars' overall growth, that's why we include vital extra-murals at our academy. 

We develop scholars in their entirety

We know that excellent private education is much more than academics. We use a holistic approach to education and instill values to develop elementary scholars in their entirety.

We emphasize important values

A positive mindset, respect, humbleness, perseverance and empathy. We believe core values are essential for scholars to thrive and  become valuable assets to society.

High quality, holistic
approach to education

We offer international accredited holistic and enquiry-based private education. In addition to following IEB's syllabus, we enhance and enrich CAPS. A totally new private school model.


A Private Grade R - Gr 7 School in Boksburg Where Holistic Education Takes Center Stage

As an independent private school in Sunward Park, Boksburg we have the flexibility to tailor our programs to meet the unique needs of each child. We maintain a strong partnership with parents, working together to support the child's growth and overall development. 


Our passion shines through in everything we do.

So, for a neurotic mom who believes no one can take care of my prince like I can; I would not hesitate one moment to leave my perscious human in the care of Chillindi and her staff. Stunning classrooms, a playground to die for, personal care, amazing programs, passionate staff and an owner with a love for kids that only a mother can have. Would definitely recommend

Joy Niemand

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